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Rat & Mouse Plastic Bait Station (2-pack)
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Rat & Mouse Plastic Bait Station (2-pack)

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This product is a highly effective DIY solution; containing two opaque plastic capture boxes.  The rodents are captured through contact with non-poisonous, odourless glue; which covers the base of the specially-designed container.

With a professional design and plastic build; this product can be placed indoors and outside; in areas where rodents are most active. There are two entry portals at either end of the container; which are large enough for nearly all rodent pests.

Key Product Features

  • Two capture-boxes per pack
  • Poison-free
  • Vapourless glue
  • Waterproof plastic container

Directions For Use

  •  Place traps, glue side up, corners or cracks; or wherever there is a frequent presence of rodents.
  • Use more than one trap for best results.
  • If mice or rats are not captured in a few days, move the traps to a new location.
  • Once the rodents are captured; dispose the trap and mice together.
  • Avoid using traps in wet or dusty areas; or where children can tamper with them.
  • Check the capture boxes daily.

Important Safety Instructions

  • Keep out of touching of children and pets.
  • Avoid contact with the glue.
  • In case of any contact with glue, clean off with vegetable oil and washing up liquid.



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