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Rats & Mice
Rat-X 5000 Pest Repeller - Very Powerful
Rat-X 5000 Pest Repeller
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Kolrat Glue Board - Mats
Kolrat Glue Board - Mats
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Rat's Buster
same as Atrarat

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Indoor Repeller - Small House PSIR-SH

Indoor Repeller - Small House PSIR-SH
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Fumite Insect Killer-3.5g Smoke  Generator x 2
Fumite Insect Killer - 3.5g smoke Generator x 2
Aura - 22 W - Glueboard Fly Killer

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Genus Illume 26w Uplighter White - Insect Light Trap

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Animal Pests
Mega-sonic Cat Repeller
STV 600 - Mega sonic Cat Repeller

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Solar Powered Mole Repeller
Solar Powered Mole Repeller
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Universal Power Kit for Outdoor Pest Repeller
Universal Power Kit - PS-UPK

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Outdoor Ultrasonic for All Pest Repellers


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