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Creepy Crawlies Print E-mail

SpiderAnts, spiders, cockroaches, beetles and silverfish are all insects that infest houses and annoy residents. Whilst also being a hygiene issue; they can also damage property: silverfish have been known to destroy book-bindings, paper; cherished photographs; tapestries and in rare cases upholstery.

Electronic Repellers Print E-mail


Electronic repellers, such as the Rat-X 5000, are a hi-tech method of repelling pests and preventing infestation from your home.

Glue Traps Print E-mail
mouse_glue_trap_thumbnail.jpgAlthough not considered humane, these products can be used as a last resort and are proven to be highly effective. Our last resort products are our best sellers - no nonesense and very effective. We recommend them for infestations...
High Quality Pest Killers Print E-mail
Mouse & Rat KillerWe pride ourselves on high quality, instant impact killers for mice, rats and insects. These instant impact killers are known to be humane as they kill rodents and insects immediately; allowing them to suffer very little in the process.

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