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STV Sonic Rat & Mouse Repeller - 3 Pack  STV728
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STV Sonic Rat & Mouse Repeller - 3 Pack STV728

Price: £34.69

The Mouse & Rat repeller produces over 100 decibles of ultrasound at constantly changing frequencies which are too high for humans, dogs or cats to hear but which are well within the hearing range of mice and rats.

Each unit protects an area of 400 sq  feet (37 Square metres).

The ultrasonic sound deters these pests from nesting in your home; providing protection and peace of mind. With a standard 3-pin plug and CE certification; this product is safe and easy to use.

Ultrasonic waves behave in a similar way to light waves: they will not travel through solid doors, walls and furnitures, nor will they penetrate into nesting sites beneath or within ceiling and wall cavities.

3 Pack Repeller pack provides complete protection.

CAUTION: Never use a Mouse & Rat Repeller in areas occupied by rodent pets such as gebrils, hamsters and guinea pigs.




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