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Atrarat Mouse Glue - same as Rat's Buster
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Atrarat Mouse Glue - same as Rat's Buster

Price: £3.98

This glue can be applied onto any spare cardboard material, such as the product packaging, a cereal box, etc. Position position the product strategically, where rats and mice are known to pass (near cracks in walls, etc).


- Glue Tube: choose how much you want to apply
- Industrial Strength – the rats, mice and even insects cannot escape
- Choose your own bait
- DIY product

We advise this product as a last resort; as it is not the most humane although it is effective.

Atrarat is OUT OF STOCK at the moment.  This glue is the same as Rat's Busters Glue Tube.

Safety Information:

The glue is of industrial strength, and thus all contact with the skin must be avoided. This product should not be used around children or pets; as they may touch the glue or apply it to themselves

This is the ultimate DIY glue tube, of industrial strength - designed as a no-nonesense solution to rat or mouse infestations.


Usually ships in: Immediate

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