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Cats can prey upon many small animals - they are known to hunt over 1000 species in search of food. Related to lions and tigers; they can hunt effectively in back gardens and on the streets. Stray cats can also foul in the garden as well as attacking birds such as pigeons or even household pets.

Various breeds of dogs can be pets; but stray dogs may often be rabid, and also may attack small animals (leaving the carcasses behind) or even small children. Often ready to bite strangers; dogs may be a mans best friend but also possess sharp teeth and enormous speed.

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AC/DC - 12V Adapter PS3015 for use in PS3010 & PS3022

This adapter is for the Outdoor Pest Repeller - PS3010 and for Ultrasonic Cat Scarer PS3022, allowing it to run off the mains. 
Product Details...

Outdoor Ultrasonic - All Pest Repeller - PSOR-UA

An updated version of our Outdoor Pest Repeller which uses Ultrasound, at frequencies normally undetectable by humans, to deter rodent pests, cats, dogs, foxes and other outdoor animals. 
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Outdoor Ultrasonic Cat Repeller - PSOR-UC

This device uses a PIR motion sensor to detect movement to a distance of 40ft, then emits a powerful ultrasonic whistle which scares cats away. Uses 2 x 9v batteries (not included) Product: Pre-set frequencies deters cats, Won't affect other animals and 
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Prikka Strips - Pack of 8 - PSPS 8

Easily fixes to the top of fences and walls to keep intruders and unwanted cats out of your property. 
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Universal Power Kit - PS-UPK for PSOR-UA, PSO-UC, PSOR-SB

The Universal Power kit is an adapter for: All Pest Repellers, Cat Repeller and Bird Repeller. 
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