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Birds are found in some form on all seven continents - many are very pretty to look at; however they can be come a nuisance and a pest very quickly. Pigeons for example, plague many cities and often leave unsightly droppings as well as tearing open rubbish bags in search of food. Eating seeds at an incredible rate; they can disturb farmers as they plant their crops. Both high and low-tech solutions are deployed - ranging from scarecrows to electronic bird repellers.

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Bird Scarer Rods - (Pack of 3) x 2

Bird Scarer Rods is an effective method for deterring unwanted birds in the garden and allotments. 
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Larsen Magpie Cage Trap

The Specially designed Larsen Tap humanely catches magpies or crows inside a large, galvanized steel cage. 
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Outdoor Sonic Bird Repeller - PSOR-SB

Product: Sounds include: a barking dog, predator bird (hawk) and distress call (starling), Includes AC adapter. 
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Prikka Strips - Pack of 8 - PSPS 8

Easily fixes to the top of fences and walls to keep intruders and unwanted cats out of your property. 
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Professional Bird Spikes - PSPBS10

The Bird Spikes can be fixed to window sills, ledges. guttering and walls etc. 
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Universal Power Kit - PS-UPK for PSOR-UA, PSO-UC, PSOR-SB

The Universal Power kit is an adapter for: All Pest Repellers, Cat Repeller and Bird Repeller. 
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