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Foxes are adaptable animals that live in many different environments across the world from the Arctic Tundra to the deserts of North America.
They are truly omnivorous, without specialized food requirements, so it is not surprising that they are in many of our towns and cities. They are most numerous in areas of low-density suburban housing, such as those built in the UK in the 1930s, when land was cheap and houses had large, enclosed gardens. Overgrown areas and space under garden sheds provide shelter and also where the food is abundant.
Many people enjoy seeing foxes in their gardens. A magazine survey found foxes are the second most popular animal in Britain but, however, some people are not keen on foxes and worry about their presence or find them a nuisance. As a consequence, a number of questions are asked about encouraging foxes, the risks foxes pose or how they can be deterred from gardens.
Your questions answered ….
How can I deter foxes from using my garden?
Foxes are opportunists, searching for and defending areas with suitable food and shelter. The most humane and long-term solution to discourage foxes from your garden is to remove or prevent access to what attracts them to the area.



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AC/DC - 12V Adapter PS3015 for use in PS3010 & PS3022

This adapter is for the Outdoor Pest Repeller - PS3010 and for Ultrasonic Cat Scarer PS3022, allowing it to run off the mains. 
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Fox Cage Trap - FoxCage

This is a traditional device for the humane tapping of foxes or similar sized pests. 
Product Details...

Outdoor Ultrasonic - All Pest Repeller - PSOR-UA

An updated version of our Outdoor Pest Repeller which uses Ultrasound, at frequencies normally undetectable by humans, to deter rodent pests, cats, dogs, foxes and other outdoor animals. 
Product Details...

Universal Power Kit - PS-UPK for PSOR-UA, PSO-UC, PSOR-SB

The Universal Power kit is an adapter for: All Pest Repellers, Cat Repeller and Bird Repeller. 
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