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14" Wire Rat Cage - PSRCage

This is a great cage for the humane trapping of rats or similar sized pests. This product can be reused many times; making it much more econonomical than glue boards or similar one-time products. 
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Baitless Mouse Trap

A new type of trap, the Baitless Mouse trap consists of a tunnel with a killing bar which is set by simply clicking a lever. Positioned against a wall where mice run, the trap is triggered by the rodent moving through it. 
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Easy-set Rat Trap Box - PSESRTB

The Pest-Stop Easy-set Rat Trap Box is a clear station designed to catch rats and mice in the home easily and safely. 
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Easy-Setting Metal Rat Trap, Boxed - PSESRT

The Pest-Stop Rat Trap is a long lasting powerful trap that is simple to test. 
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Little Nipper Rat Trap Boxed - PSLNRB

The Little Nipper Rat Trap has been an old faithful for many decades. Currently the UK's best selling mechanical trap. 
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Mink Trap - PSMCage

This is a professional device and humane method for trapping minks. 
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Multi Catch Rat Monarch Cage - PSRM Cage

Multi Catch Rat Trap is a traditional device for the humane trapping of rats or similar sized pests (e.g. grey squirrels) 
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Multi-Catch Metal Mouse Trap -PSPMMT- holds up to 10 mice

The Pest-Stop Multi-Mouse Trap is a high quality galvanised steel trap designed to catch and hold up to 10 mice at the same time. 
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Snap-Trap Boxed Pre-Baited Mouse Trap x 2 - PSSTMB

The Plastic trap is pre-baited with a mixture most mice find irresistible, and is extremely safe and easy to set. 
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