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wasp.jpgWasps are social insects and live in colonies, often containing up to around 10,000 workers. They feed on fallen fruit, nectar and carrion, but mostly by catching other insects. Common wasps will also attempt to invade honey bee nests to steal their honey.

Workers forage and feed larvae, and cool the nest with water and fanning. Workers will aggressively defend the nest by stinging anything causing the disturbance. Unlike bees, wasps are able to string repeatedly.

For the control of wasps, the non-chemical traps can be bought that attract wasps away from sensitive areas, if deployed early and in the correct areas. In areas where food is prepared and sold, traps in conjunction with electrical fly killers are recommended.


Fly Papers - 2 Packs of 4 = 8 Rolls - PSFP

This is the traditional, highly effective method of trapping flies in the home. 
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