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Moles are timid creatures and are very rarely visible. They have very sharp and long paws; which are predominantly used for digging. A mole’s diet primarily consists of earthworms and other small animals found in the soil.

Moles burrow in lawns, raising molehills (small mounds of earth) which can kill the lawn, for which they are considered as pests. We have many products for the control of moles, both traps and electronic repellers.

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AC/DC - 12V Adapter PS3015 for use in PS3010 & PS3022

This adapter is for the Outdoor Pest Repeller - PS3010 and for Ultrasonic Cat Scarer PS3022, allowing it to run off the mains. 
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Claw Mole Trap - x 2 - PSCMole

It is ideal for use against stubborn moles that often fill other traps with earth. It can also be used alongside other mole traps. 
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Electronic Mole Repeller - PS9000

An advanced outdoor repeller that drives burrowing animals away by emitting low frequency ground vibrations, which creatures such as moles interpret as signs of an intruder. 
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Mole Trap - Tunnel Type - PSTMole

Also known as a 'barrel' mole trap, this is a very traditional solution to a common garden problem. The trap is set, then placed in a mole run, and is triggered when the mole passes through it, killing it instantly. 
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Outdoor Ultrasonic - All Pest Repeller - PSOR-UA

An updated version of our Outdoor Pest Repeller which uses Ultrasound, at frequencies normally undetectable by humans, to deter rodent pests, cats, dogs, foxes and other outdoor animals. 
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Solar Powered Mole Repeller - PS7500S

Solar Powered Mole Repeller uses solar energy to power its sonic repeller. It keeps lawns in tip top condition and clear lawns of moles and other burrowing animals. 
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Universal Power Kit - PS-UPK for PSOR-UA, PSO-UC, PSOR-SB

The Universal Power kit is an adapter for: All Pest Repellers, Cat Repeller and Bird Repeller. 
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