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The mouse species originated in Asia but has quickly spread throughout the world. A common household pest, they are nocturnal and eat everything including insects. Mice often build tunnels which can be very complex, with several entryways and exits.

We specialise in rodent control products and have over 25 products in this category alone, from electronic to mechanical traps and chemical poisons.


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14" Wire Rat Cage - PSRCage

This is a great cage for the humane trapping of rats or similar sized pests. This product can be reused many times; making it much more econonomical than glue boards or similar one-time products. 
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Advanced Mouse Trap - Twin Pack -PSAMT

One of the most powerful mousetrap available, the Advanced Mousetrap is also one of the easiest to use. 
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Atrarat Mouse Glue - same as Rat's Buster

Atrarat Mouse Glue is a tube of industrial strength adhesive, designed to capture rats, mice and insects. 
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Automatic Metal Mouse Trap-Holds up to 15 mice

The Automatic Mousetrap is a high quality galvanised steel trap designed to catch and hold up to 15 mice at the same time. 
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Baitless Mouse Trap

A new type of trap, the Baitless Mouse trap consists of a tunnel with a killing bar which is set by simply clicking a lever. Positioned against a wall where mice run, the trap is triggered by the rodent moving through it. 
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Dead or Alive Mouse Trap - Multi Catch - STV 188

Dead or Alive Mouse Trap - live catch or optional catchandkill trapping system suitable for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for outbuildings. 
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Double Bait Station for Mice & Rats - PSDBS

This is a durable and high capacity bait station for use with loose grain or wax blocks. 
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Easy-set Mouse Trap Box - PSESMTB

The Pest-Stop Easy-set Mouse Trap Box is a clear station designed to catch mice in the home easily and safely. 
Product Details...

Easy-Setting Metal Mouse Trap, x2 Boxed - PSESMT

The Pest-Stop Set Mouse Trap is a long lasting powerful trap that is simple to test. 
Product Details...

Electronic Mouse Killer - PSEMK - Pest Stop

Quickly and safely eliminate mice from your home with the Procter Electronic Mouse Killer. This product delivers electrical shock to kill a mouse in seconds. Safe to use around children and pets. There is a built-in safety feature that deactivates uni 
Product Details...

Indoor Repeller - Large House - PSIR-LH

As the name suggests, this repeller is for large houses and covers a truly impressive 4000 square feet. 
Product Details...

Indoor Repeller - One Room - PSIR-OR

This is an entry-level ultrasonic pest repeller from Pest Stop new slim-line range. 
Product Details...

Indoor Repeller - Small House - PSIR-SH

With a coverage of 2,500.00 square feet, this new repeller covers a typical small house. 
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Kolrat Glue Boards - Mats - pack of 2 - out of stock

Kolrat Glue Tablets come ready prepared, and the large size boards are more than capable of capturing several rodents each; and if strategically positioned offer excellent protection against rodent infestation. 
Product Details...

Little Nipper Mouse Traps - Twin pack x2 - PSLNMB

The unique treadle design of this, the original wooden mousetrap, makes it one of the most effective traps available. 
Product Details...

Live Catch Mouse Traps - x 2 - STV 155

The Live Catch Mouse Trap is an effective and welfare-friendly way to control mice in and around the home. 
Product Details...

Mouse & Rat Bait 7 x 25 Sachets - STV The Big Cheese

Mouse & Rat Bait Sachets from STV - The Big Cheese contain a chemical-free pelleted bait that is fatal or rodent pests but will not harm non-targeted species. 
Product Details...

Mouse & Rat Glue (Card Board) x 5 packs

Mouse and insect glue boards are used in the elimination of rats, mice and insects. They are mainly used as a last resort in cases of severe infestations. 
Product Details...

Mouse Glue Traps (6-pack)

Pack of 6 Mouse GlueTraps. Strong hold glue for guaranteed results where poision and traps have failed. Highly effective, but a last resort product 
Product Details...

Multi-Catch Metal Mouse Trap -PSPMMT- holds up to 10 mice

The Pest-Stop Multi-Mouse Trap is a high quality galvanised steel trap designed to catch and hold up to 10 mice at the same time. 
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Results 1 - 20 of 34

Featured Products

STV Sonic Rat & Mouse Repeller - 3 Pack STV728

STV Sonic Rat & Mouse Repeller - 3 Pack  STV728

The Rat & Mouse Sonic Repellers produce ultrasound at constantly changing frequencies which are too high for humans, dogs or cats to hear, but which are within the hearing range of mice and rats.

Rat-X 5000 Pest Repeller - 5000sq.ft - Very Powerful

Rat-X 5000 Pest Repeller - 5000sq.ft - Very Powerful

Rat-X Dual Action Pest Repeller is likely to be the most powerful repeller available in the UK. It has 3 methods of repelling mice, rats and insects and covers an entire 4/5 bedroom house.

Rat & Mouse Plastic Bait Station (2-pack)

Rat & Mouse Plastic Bait Station (2-pack)

A very highly effective DIY solution. This product contains two opaque plastic capture boxes. The rodents are captured through contact with non-poisonous, odourless glue; which covers the base of the specially-designed container.

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