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Flies are a common household pest, and are found in every type of premises during the warm months. Commonly consuming sweet foods, they also eat rotting meat and dried blood. They often contaminate foodstuffs and can cause diseases, such as food poisoning. In the hot summer their life cycle can take only 10 days - from egg to adult.

We have a number of electronic repellers for sale as well as traditional fly papers.


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ATRAPAFLY - 9 Watt - Genus - Fly & Insect Killer

Discreet fly control incorporating Translucent Technology maximizes the window of attraction for flies, enabling fast capture on the discreetly positioned glue board. 
Product Details...

ATRAPAFLY - 9 Watt - Glue Boards - Pack of 10

Genus ATRAPAFLY Glue Boards - Pack of 10 
Product Details...

ATRAPAFLY - 9 Watt - Replacement Bulb

This is an Electrosect - Energy Efficient 9W Lamp. 
Product Details...

Biofume Greenhouse Fumingator - PSBGF

The Unique formulation of natural ingredients containing garlic oil, and once the fuse is lit, the canister needs to be left for just two hours to work. 
Product Details...

COBRA Grey 45 Watt - CG315-S - Flying Insect Killer

Genus Cobra has been designed and developed as the most efficient glue board insect contgrol system available. 
Product Details...

COBRA Grey 45 Watt - Replacement Glue Board

This is the Universal glue boards which fits Cobra, Viper, BT, Liberator, Eclipse, Spectra and Spectra compact. 
Product Details...

ECLIPSE Aluminium 30w - Insect Light Trap

Genus® ECLIPSE TM is the result of the fusion of design-led development, the very latest advances in UVa transmission technology and customer-driven demand for a unit to bring effective control of flying insects to the most sensitive public areas. 
Product Details...

ECLIPSE Aluminium 30w - Replacement Glue Board

This is the Universal glue Board which fits Eclipse, Viber, Cobra, Liberator, Spectra and Spectra Compact. 
Product Details...

ECLIPSE ShatterProof Bulb 15w 12" LUV015-201

This is an Electrosect Shatterproof Bulb for Genus® Eclipse™ flying Insect Killer from Brandenburg and also fits may other flying trap units. 
Product Details...

ECLIPSE Standard Bulb 15w 12" - LUV15-200

This is an Electrosect Standard bulb for Genus® Eclipse™ Flying Insect Killer from Brandenburg and also fits many other manufacturer’s flying trap units. 
Product Details...

Eclipse Ultra TT 30W - ECL215-ULT

Genus® Eclipse Ultra is the fastest Fly catching Unit for public sensitive areas with a customizable insert. 
Product Details...

Electronic Insect Killer - Pest Stop - PSIIFK

The Indoor Insect Fly Killer lures and eliminates flies, mosquitoes and midges, using florescent lighting and a unique grid for a superior catch rate. 
Product Details...

Fly Papers - 2 Packs of 4 = 8 Rolls - PSFP

This is the traditional, highly effective method of trapping flies in the home. 
Product Details...

Fly Swats - Pack of 5 - PSFS

This high-quality plastic swatter has a long handle for extra-reach, and is of a single-piece moulding so that it lasts longer, but there is more to this product than meets the eye! 
Product Details...

Fly Trap Bag - Pest Stop x 2

Fly Trap bags are an outdoor product and ideal for use around patios and decking etc. 
Product Details...

Genus FLI Insect Light Killer - 30W

The Genus FLI Insect Light Trap -30W is a value engineered unit providing reduced energy consumption and ease of servicing with fast fly catch. 
Product Details...

ILLUME 26w Uplighter White - Insect Light Trap

The Genus Illume flying insect control unit from Brandenburg has been designed in a timeless art deco style that can be incorporated within any interior decor. 
Product Details...

Illume Bulb - Electrosect 26W - LUV026

This is Replacement Bulb for Genus® Illume Fly Killer from Bandenburg 
Product Details...

Illume Replacement Glue Boards - Pack of 10

This is the replacement pack of Glue Boards (pack of 10) for Illume range 26W fly Killers. 
Product Details...

Infiniti Fly Killer 45W - Insect-O-Cutor

Designed around the UV LED source, Infiniti delivers game changing unique fly killer technology to the professional flying insect control market. 
Product Details...

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