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Flies are a common household pest, and are found in every type of premises during the warm months. Commonly consuming sweet foods, they also eat rotting meat and dried blood. They often contaminate foodstuffs and can cause diseases, such as food poisoning. In the hot summer their life cycle can take only 10 days - from egg to adult.

We have a number of electronic repellers for sale as well as traditional fly papers.


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Liberator Replacement Glue Board - Pack of 15

This is the Universal Glue Board which fits Liberator, Viber, Cobra, Eclipse, Spectra and Spectra Compact. 
Product Details...

Liberator-60w-Stainless Steel Electric Grid-Flying Insect killer

The Liberator is a range of insect control systems specifically designed to offer insect control for food processing applications. 
Product Details...

Optica 180 Replacement Glue Board - Pack of 12

This is the Replacement Pack of Glue Board for Gernus / Optica 180 Fly killers. 
Product Details...

PRISM - 11W - Decorative Glueboard Fly Killer - Stainless Steel

PRISM from Insect-O-Cutor - Countertop & Wall mounted Flying Insect Killer is Unique to the retail market and is a very desirable and decorative discreet fly killer. 
Product Details...

Sabre Bulb 9w - Electrolux

This is Sabre Bulb which fit Genus® Sabre Table top Fly Killer Unit from Brandenburg. 
Product Details...

Sabre Glue Board - CBP900 - 20 per pack

This is a Replacement Glue Board for Sabre 1 x 9W Lamp Electic Fly Killers from Brandenburg. 
Product Details...

Universal Glue Board - Genus - 15 pack

This is the Genus Universal replacement pack of glue boards for all Brandenburg Fly Killers. 
Product Details...

Window Fly Stickers - 4 Pack x 2 = 8 - PSWFS

These Fly-catchers exploit the attraction of flies on windows and light. 
Product Details...

Zero In - High Voltage Insect Killer - ZER 880

The Electronic Ultraviolet Insect killer kills flies, moths and midges. 
Product Details...

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Results 21 - 29 of 29

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