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Rat-X 5000 Pest Repeller - 5000sq.ft - Very Powerful
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Rat-X 5000 Pest Repeller - 5000sq.ft - Very Powerful

Price: £22.99

Rat-X 5000 Repeller is likely to be the most powerful repeller available in the UK.

It has 3 methods of repelling mice, rats and insects and covers an entire 3/4 bedroom house.

The Rat-X 5000 is a chemical-free device that repels rodents and insects by using three different ultrasonic sounds that cause distress to the pest and drives them away!

This product, together will all rodent repellers sold, does not affect cats and dogs. The product will affect hamsters, gerbils and other domestic rodents.

Ultrasonic function:

A target range of 5000 square feet, the Rat-X pest repeller can target both rodents and insects. The unit emits an ultrasonic sound at greater than 125 decibels, creating a harsh environment for pests to live in.

Electromagnetic function:

The product creates pulses through the wiring of the entirety of an average building; and this especially targets rodents.

Through these methods, the Rat-X Dual Pest Repeller is capable of driving rats, mice and insects from your home.


Ants, aphids, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, ticks, mice, rats, scorpions, silverfish, spiders and snakes.


  • Covers 5000 sq feet / 460 square metres.
  • Direct Plug-In device with three LED Indicator
  • Built in night light
  • Twin ceramic sirens
  • Random on/off selector
  • Variable pitch selector
  • Double insulated product
  • Child-safe product
  • This product is suitable for indoor usage only.

This repeller is the most recommended from the OnlinePestSolutions range because of its strength, variety of repelling functions and because of the features available on the product.

'I would like to thank you and your company for the splendid service you provide. The Rat-X Pest Repellers duly arrived the following morning, Saturday (ordered on Friday), much to my delight and surprise.

I have installed them both, one in the main room in the bungaow and the other in the very large outbuilding in the garden, which is home to a dog and a rabbit. Howeve I have kept an eye on the rabbit (a flop eared type) and she does not appear to be disturbed with the repeller. Once again many thanks for your super service and charming lady who took my order on the telephone.'
S. C. Cambridgeshire, UK


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